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No. Name Designation Qualification DOJ Click here
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 
1 Subhasree Mohanty Asst. Professor  M.Pharm 20/01/2017  DETAIL
2 DR. BIKASH RANJAN PANDA Professor  M.Pharm.A.I.C,Ph.D. 08/19/1983  DETAIL
3 DR. SUBRAT KAR Asso. Professor  M.Pharm.Ph.D. 09/20/1998  DETAIL
4 DR. SANJAY KUMAR KARAN Asso. Professor  M.Pharm, Ph.D 02/01/2005  DETAIL
5 SATYA RANJAN MOHANTA Asst Prof  M.Pharm 05/16/2006  DETAIL
6 Dr.Bibhash Chandra Mohanta Asst.professor  M.Pharm, Ph.D 28/03/2019  DETAIL
7 Dr. Sivasankar Mohanty Associate Professor  M.Pharm,Ph.D 01/12/2017  DETAIL
8 Dr. SATYABRATA PANDA Principal  M.Pharm, L.L.B, Ph.D. 08/10/1984  DETAIL
9 SITANGSU MAITY Asso Professor  M.Pharm.,Ph.D.Contd 02/01/2001  DETAIL
10 PRANAB KUMAR BANDYOPADHYAY Asst Prof  B.Pharm.M.Tech (Biotech) 08/08/2005  DETAIL
11 Biswarup Das Asst Prof  M.Pharm 8/19/2008  DETAIL
12 DR. AMIT KUMAR NAYAK Asso Prof  M. Pharm, PH D 06/04/2009  DETAIL
13 Surya Narayan Ratha Adhikari. Asst Prof  M.Pharm. 2/22/2010  DETAIL
14 DR. NEELAMADHAB PANDA Professor  B.Sc.(Hons),M.Pharm.Ph.D 03/20/1987  DETAIL
15 MANORANJAN HATI Asso. Professor  M.Pharm 03/07/1989  DETAIL
16 Dr.BIKASH KUMAR PANDA Asso.Professor  M.Pharm,Ph.D.,D.C.A, 02/01/2005  DETAIL
17 BULU MOHANTA Asst. Professor  M.Pharm 30/01/2017  DETAIL
18 DR. BIMAN KUMAR PANIGRAHI Asso. Professior  M.Pharm,, Ph.D (U.U.), MBA, D.C.A(U.U) 08/09/1999  DETAIL
19 Mr. Ashish Kumar Manna Asst Prof  M. Pharma 12/10/2007  DETAIL
Part-Time Teaching Faculties
01 Mrs. Kunjalata Mohanta Lecturer Math & Statistics -- --
02 Sri Amitav Pattnaik Lecturer Management -- --
03 Dr. Sashadhar Kalia Lecturer English -- --

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