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Vice-President : Dr.(Prof) Upendra Nath Nanda.
Faculty Advisor : Dr. Bikash Kumar Panda.- Member
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Karan. -Member 
Mr. Ashis Kumar Manna. - Member
Mr. Satya Ranjan Mohanta. - Member


A) To organize Debates, Song, General Knowledge, Essay etc.
B) To organize and supervise the inter hostel and inter class competitions of in-door and out-door games like Chess, Carom, Volley-ball, Foot-ball, Badminton and Cricket.
C) To arrange and supervise in various student-teacher friendly match.
D) To organize discussion on general, technical and cultural problems.
E) To promote co-operation amongst present and ex-students.
F) Training of yoga therapy is arranged from time to time.
G) To take up such other activities as are approved by the principal


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